Hasbro’s Lifelike Cat Isn’t For Kids; It’s For Seniors – Newsy



  1. Hasbro already did this in 2002 with their first Furreal cat. They couldn't sell them after the market died for Furreal cats in 2010 so now they're cashing in on it with old people.

  2. Despite being more useful to seniors, people with dementia, and people (in general) who cannot have real pets, anyone can buy this, including kids. I think this is good for anyone who wants it and/or needs it.

  3. Seniors!?!? Grr, I'm only 48 but thinking of the day when I get consigned to being called a "senior". Sorry, but any sad bastard who calls me a senior is going to get smacked in the kisser…REALLY fucking HARD!! And as for this creation!? Does the company responsible for this REALLY think that a person who formerly had animals in their life would give this piece of shit the time of day? As a cat / dog person over the years I've loved all of the animals I've shared my life with. What the FUCK would I want with a FUCKING machine to try and replace them!?! I really and truly pity the human race; what a totally fucked up species we truly are.

  4. lots of people of all ages live where they're not allowed or its just plain impractical to keep live animal companions. there have been projects going on to create something like these for years now. i'd fanatacized myself on the idea of building a little four legged robot and building a plushie around it, but then the software to bring it to life would have either been beyond me, or all consuming of my life for months or even years. i would expect these things are still very limited, but they do have some interesting future possibilities. given a massive intelligence upgrade, or linked to an internet host, they could be tutors as well as 'companions'. of course they're not the same as people. they'll never be THAT annoying.

  5. Really, folks, if there's an older person in your life who needs companionship, make a phone call or pay 'em a visit, for heaven's sake. If you think this product is a good idea, then ask yourself, would an animated, stuffed toy cure your loneliness?