1. Nice video 🙂 I really enjoyed watching it❤I just discovered your channel and I am obsessed! Keep up the good work ! I think your channel deserves more subs it's so unfair.Can't wait for your next videos! I have a YouTube channel too and it would be great if you could return the favour and subbed to my channel ❤I hope we can be friends ! Have an awesome day !

  2. Hey Sandra! I loved your video for a first YouTube video you did a good job, loved how comfortable you were in the video. & your personality is hilarious and really shines through! & your energy is amazing. looking forward to more videos from you SUBSCRIBED. I hope you achieve the success of a lot of the beauty gurus on YouTube. I would suggest using Final Cut Pro X to edit your videos since it is more professional, and put together, and clean looking.

    What I hope to see from you is:

    • more reviews but maybe about makeup brands this time like Sephora collection (i.e a review on the new too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette),

    • definitely some beauty tutorials (i.e beginners makeup tutorial, my everyday makeup routine, my brow routine, full face of drugstore makeup etc),

    • GRWM's/Get Un-Ready with me

    •Favourites (i.e beauty monthly favorites)

    •Skincare Routine

    • Best & worse eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, lipsticks etc..

    • Do's/Don'ts in makeup

    • First impression videos

    • How to videos (for ex. How To- contour, bake, highlight & blush the face)

    • Collab videos with other beauty influencers

    • Beauty Haul of some of the makeup/skincare items you bought

    • What's in my bag video

    •Full face of makeup I'm throwing away, or hate etc..
    maybe some personal videos as well, like
    •my sister does my makeup,
    sister tag,
    •what's in my mouth challenge,
    •best friend does my makeup,
    •drunk get ready with me feat my sister or best friend
    • blindfold makeup challenge etc..
    So that we get to know more about you on s personal level as well.

    Sorry for the long-winded post just excited to be with you on this journey & hopefully some of my ideas gave you inspiration? can't wait for the next video! Love you!