Friend’s Cat Meows Aggressively, then Attacks



  1. warning: most of this comment section features the thoughts of delicate male human beings who always feel there's a need for them to show "Who's boss" or assert their "dominance" to an animal that only comes up to their legs.
    applause for said delicate human males, please. they always need reminder of their superiority.

  2. with cats approach slowly and calmly and then put your hand near it (yes it will scratch you get over it) and then let it attack then pat it's back gently or scratch its neck calmly. do this lightly and show the cat you aren't a threat and be gentle and kind to it. another way is Chuck the cat a bit of chicken from anywhere and it will worship you and love you long long time.

  3. dude you should have either shut the door and let him calm down for at least 15 or 20 mins or lured him out with a cat toy, laser beam or cat treat then ran in and close the door because kicking or fighting the cat back will just make the situation worst and being bigger than the cat don't mean nothing. Cats are fighters. half the people commenting fight back or being a dick don't know shit about what they're talking about because they don't know the situation. Trust me I have a cat who loves to fight and she's old too.

  4. you all do need to calm down. the dude isn't disrespecting the cat. the bathroom has been claimed by the cat. some cats trust only a select few. and yes. read the description. stop being jerks. I laugh every time I watch it. chill!!

  5. I love how you kept a cheerful attitude throughout. Laughing at the territorial kitty. This vid made my day. I am smiling so hard right now!!! Thanks for posting!