Freeform Modelling Tutorial | Autodesk Inventor



  1. hey people! go to and see Matt Perez (= TFI). I've been watching all of his Inventor vids on youtube but always i felt i need to be in a course so i can learn step by step. And from a dicription of ramdom TFI youtube lecture I found him on a online learning website!!! I;m not just advertising him. I was dam happy about the website cause now i can just follow the courses step by step. no more wandering around this vast youtube world. love ma man TFI. -from South Korea-.

  2. I'm in the midst of designing a curved handle for a charging station and I'm stuck in how to taper to a dimension. Picture a tube ~25.41mm diameter and ~101.61 in length but I would like the last 25.41 mm to taper to a 15 mm hole that slopes down. In where I'd normally use the loft feature, can I use free form to apply this feature? Would it be best to rough outline in sketch then use free for only the aesthetic values?
    I know this might be beyond the scope of the basics behind this video but tying free form with constrained sketches, is key for me. Thanks a bunch, been subscribed to you for a little while and I have learned a lot from your videos.

  3. O.M.G. As you said at the intro of the video-gamechanger. This is exactly what I needed to stop spending HOURS trying to do something that seemingly (should be) simple! Boats of love for your videos. I SUBSCRIBED! <3

  4. Just recently ran into your video series. I love it, all praise to those who choose to share the knowledge. Not a big fan of your Yankee bashing, just kidding i love the comic relief! [uh-loo-muh-nuh m] FTW… Keep em coming!

  5. Great tutorial, love the presenting style! You said that if we're hoping you're going to show us how to design that thing we want it's not going to happen? Well I'm a furniture designer and you just showed me EXACTLY what I wanted to know! Cheers dude!

  6. Do you happen to know if there are any advantages to doing industrial modelling in applications like Rhinoceros or Alias compared to Inventor? I'm under the impression that if one can model in Inventor then they won't need the other applications right?

  7. Good stuff,only one I wished you showed is were you can sketch with dimensions and then match edges,for me the bit that really blew me away,I made a complex shape for a fancy after market
    car seat in minutes,to mirror the part while in edit in 2015 drove me nuts,my first 3d package and love it,look at this I always turn to SW to do blueprint models,I have a really personal project that I would love to do in Inventor but still unsure

  8. NealTHX for the freeform videoWould it be possible to make a sketch on paper scan this in introduce tat skech in Inventor and using it as a Template to do the freeform drawing ?for example you skech a car body and make the 3D freeform off those bodu parts using your hand drawing?And when that drawing is done how do i proceed to convert this drawing in to an actual part.Take careFrancis

  9. I've been hired to draw a manniquin head and its been kicking my ask!!! I want to try freeform, but I've never used it, before redrawing your headphone/speaker holder thing… well something similar anyway. Thanks sweetie.