For Honor Battle Tips: Episode 3 – Team Strategies (Dominion, Elimination, Brawl)



  1. Aha. Teamwork isn't much, even on Dominion. You can use the Lawbringer, become very quick at throwing people and using your Halberd to throw them. Camp near a ledge and you will continue to grow points in the zone, while continuously throwing people off. Little to no effort. Lmao.

  2. you I'm thinking about applying some real world war formations in to my game with my team maybe that would help like for an example a variation of the Zulu bull formation or hell even try adapting some football playes

  3. Alright, so me and my buddies do the same thing in Elimination.
    We have at least one Raider and we all group up at a particular point of the map that we label the "Gank-Hold."
    There we lay bear traps, smoke bombs, and those little spike bombs. We hold our fort, slay all those that dare to enter and run out the clock.

    We're trash and we love it.