Feral Cat Behaviour



  1. I uploaded this video more than 7 years ago. I can clearly see by the ongoing comments that a lot of you didn't read my description. I will add to it now…

    He was never a stray. His mother was an abandoned cat that had her kittens in my neighbour's shed. They thought she and her babies were a nuisance, so they took her babies out and sealed up the shed. Their mother moved the kittens nearby, but I didn't know exactly where. I know that only two survived – this one and his brother. I got the shelter you kinda see in the video and left food and water out for her. She eventually stopped coming around every day, and so did the boys; although I'd see one or the other occasionally. Other cats used my shelter as well, and I was able to rescue most of those. After a while, the boys came back, one at a time, and lived in the shelter. It took years for me to get close to this one, and I was never able to get close to his brother.

    I currently have two cats, and I am no longer fostering (but still heavily involved in rescue and advocacy), and they are both rescues. One of them, Ollie, is a feral boy. I've had him since he was rescued at 3 months. He's been with me for over a year and a half and I still can't get anywhere near him, but he absolutely adores my other rescue, Clark Kent, and because of that, he's a happy kitty in a loving home.

  2. My feral cat never once hissed at me. She leapt toward me every time I came home and followed my every command. She did shit on my carpet tho, until I told her to shit on my bitch neighbour's driveway instead, which she did from that point on… wish she was still here, even though she brought in some fleas :')

  3. I can't tell if the one who sits on my car is a ferel? no collar and one day when I knelt down to get it to come to me….it just sat there glaring at me like I was the idiot lol

  4. What's in a name…I see a few vids of people labeling their vids "feral cat", regarding cats that have already been partially or even totally tamed. The cats started as feral, but their human interaction and socializing with them started domesticating them.

    When a cat is in the process of becoming tamed over a long period, they should no longer be called "feral" if their behavior changes to being more tame, because that confuses people as to what state of "wildness" the cat is. A feral cat that has had 1+ years of socialization and is now friendly towards humans should not still be called feral.

    A better name would be partially feral if they are not fulled tamed. This cat was clearly still partially feral, but had a fair amount of taming as he was eventually willing to let you approach and pet him.

  5. I have watched the video several times. To me its clear that he wants badly to be loved, but does not know how to act. His hiss is not anger but more fear. He does it out of impulse as he does not know any better. But when the lady pets him, he just melts. Inside he wants love and of course food. In time he would settle down a bit and make a wonderful pet. But it would take lots of time and patients. I have a panther this was in the same situation, in time he became a wonderful loving cat.

  6. Adopted one of five feral strays from a feral mom years ago. He was the one that didn't hiss at me when dropped in my lap. Just blinked huge gold eyes and went MEW?. Yes, they were feral. Mother was lifelong. Kittens started out that way. Mother actually clawed her way up through the floor of a nasty ass trailer into a hot water closet. Birthed there. The kittens were gorgeous. HUGELY furry. My baby lived 19 1/2 years with me. TOTAL sweety. Never bit or deliberately scratched. Catch them young enough. Also adopted an abandoned 10 week old. Not sure if his roots were feral or stray, or he was just dumped but INCREDIBLY good kitty. Again, young enough. Was very sweet but stole food at first. Then learned he would never, ever starve with us. Would tap on shoulder or knee gently to beg. lol. He was a good sized cat and very muscular in youth. Got a bit thinner as aged. He was the one to get more treats. The other kitty wound up living separately due to having been ill. They never readjusted to each other so he manned my computer room. Too, he was just a fat kitty. Didn't over feed. Didn't feed them differently growing up. He was just a lard ass. The one I got at 10 weeks lived to 17 1/2. They both were total indoor after I got them. Spay and neuter people!

  7. We have a family of ferals. The mom always hisses at me for no reason at all. Just out of nowhere she hisses. The other cat are like, wtf are you doing? I usually throw a brick or something similar at her when she does it. jk

  8. The feral that moved into my place was like that for a while. "I hate you, but don't stop petting me!" or "Feed me! (but I hate you anyway.)' was her typical behavior for about a year.

    Now she's my pain in the butt lap kitty house cat. She's one of the smart ones smart ones that figured out the concept of learning to live with people had advantages.