Digital Painting: How to Draw a Realistic Eye (Corel Painter Tutorial) #DrawThis



  1. great video! giving it a thumbs up is not enough for me so i added it to my favorites 🙂 keep sharing man! i just started watching your vids recently and now im getting hooked up and thinking of maybe give my self a favor and try practising as well 🙂

  2. Hello,please…I can't open or find anywhere those windows on the left side :
    ''Brush Calibration'' , ''Rendering'' and ''Blending''
    I have only that narrow toolbar with basic tools and nothing else.I've tried to find those features in ''Window'' and in Preferences…but I just can't find those.
    Can you help me??? Thanks

  3. this earned my thumbs up and i subbed very nice work 😀 can you draw an evil robot leading an army in an apocalyptic scene so maybe some ships flying overhead and so broken bridges and lava and stuff with a red and smoky sky… i think this would looks so cool i know you can do it cause you just drew that epic eye!

  4. Nice tutorial. I made my first digital draw with this 🙂 Thanks Here is my paint >   <
    BTW I did this with Photoshop CC but the diffuse blur tool dosen't work properly, not like the one you are using with Painter coral at least.. it dosen't blur that much.. I need to figure this out.