Cat Tricks!!



  1. My cat was also rescued from the streets, however I am in Brazil, she did not suffer from cold like Pusic. She loves to watch the channel, she loves Pusic, I think they're soul mates, because I've never seen her watch anything, she just likes to see Pusic and she's just like him, black and white, anyway I started seeing the channel because they Were very similar! She also loves to play with aluminum ball and also brings me to play! They really are identical, soul mates, separated brothers hehheh !! How cute <3

  2. i love him, i want too but my cat didn't understand, so i want question for you. how old pusic while you teach? and how old him now? my age cat until 10 month now & i have been care her since 1 month aproximately.., so… can i teach her with this condition? and she very active, love regards from me to pusic and you 😘
    i still waiting answer if you have time hihihi.. sorry 😁 cause i need 😟
    thank you from indonesia 😍