Carp LOVE dog food!



  1. In a pond, I would not fish for them, but instead just feed them all lots of food until their full, enjoy seeing them feed, and see how big they will grow. But not disturb or stess any or them by fishing and catching them. See how much or your budget it takes to keep them full. In fact, anywhere that they will come to feed, I would just feed them, not catch them. It's much more fun to wtch them. BTW, linear carp and mirror carp[ are just genetic trait variations of the same species: the common carp.

  2. I'm from England and I do a lot of surface fishing in the summer. The key to getting many fish off the surface is getting their confidence never but your line in the water until the fish are feeding heavily. Also try down sizing your hook size. 😝

  3. hey just wondering do u have herring in the place you fish because i would really like to see you catch them. Btw you are kind hearted realsing them 😀 btw i was your 800 subcriber