Canning Wild Blackberries from Lake Minnotonka



  1. Honest question here. I just started eating blackberry jam that was pressure canned in 2005. The jars and seals are intact. It smells and taste great. I trust the canner was my mother. BUT..Is this not safe? What it the lifespan of this jam?

  2. Awesome video. My wife and I made some wild black berry jelly and it turned out great. This is also a great little way to make some extra money at the farmers market. I have a question. Did Sippy Cup add any water to the blackberries or was it straight blackberry mashed. See y'all in the next video.

  3. Oh boy, I just know that tastes good. I love blackberries, and pretty much every berry for that matter. You guys always make this stuff look easy, thanks for the how-to. Wishing you all a safe and super blessed new year!!

  4. We have loads of black berries growing all over the place, around here! We love to make syrup, for pancakes, & waffles. Goes great on salmon, also! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year! May it be the greatest yet! Keep your smiles on!

  5. Awesome job on canning the wild blackberries! that will be a wonderful treat when you open that jam! FYI I gave you a shoutout on my latest video! Happy New Year 2018

  6. Growing up on the farm with my Grandparents, we had Jams 7 Jellies that were 10+ years old and they were still good. We kept them in the root cellar. Good job kids. Yes I said kids. My youngest is in your age group. I'm really OLD. Old and Salty.
    Cool Hand Luke or Sgt Billy

  7. T- Rex why is your mouth always open lmao 😂😂😂 video was awesome ..btw the boy looks just like you sarge, that's awesome..ty for another awesome vid. God bless you guys (°)(°)

  8. you bought blackberries ? are come on dude. They are so easy to grow and it's so easy to make more plants. You don't need to care much for them and they can grow one relatively poor soil even in relatively shade.

  9. Happy New Year, Question.., I might have misunderstood, but did Sippy say that they are only good for 3 weeks (?) on the shelf? Or is it 3 years. Just wondering. Love your Videos. Thanks Brother.