Canine Brain Tumor-Signs and Symptoms



  1. Breaking my heart. My dog (also a Bichon-mix, 12 years old) was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few weeks ago. Looking at this video, there are definitely a few behaviors that your dog exhibited that mine did as well. But, because they seemed so subtle, I didn't act on them. Today, she's been licking her mouth and air chewing a lot. Called her vet tosee if that should be a sign of concern, but she said that because the dog has been nauseous and vomiting on and off over the past week, that it could be just a sign of her still being nauseous. This whole thing is so nerve-racking. There are so many symptoms and signs that could be a problem or may not be. It's crazy. I just don't know what to do.

  2. My 5 year old french bulldog is going through a lot of this, I don't have the funds to find out if it is a brain tumor or not. Even if it was my vet couldn't do anything about it sadly.. did you know when it was time to say goodbye.. I'm sorry for asking. I'm just having a hard time and I don't want him to suffer.

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  4. Thank you for your video. My little one is going through the same thing. She has been with me 15 years. Symptoms started about 2 weeks ago. I am just devastated, i cant stop crying. She is my little fur girl. I love her so much, its just so hard to accept it. God give me strength. My poor little girl. Please pray for her

  5. I wish I had come across your video 2weeks ago. I've been struggling to find out what was wrong with my 14y yorkie. She had all of the same symptoms in your video. Vet was monitoring her and treating her for jaw pain. She had myoclonic jerks when walking up to her water bowl and she would almost close her eyes entirely when we'd step outside on occasion. Last Sunday afternoon she had a seizure and seemed to pull out of it but then had another 30 mins later, that she never pulled out of. I rushed her to the Pet ER where they proceeded to misdiagnose her with vestibular disease and sent me on my way even though I questioned everything and gave a thorough history and suspected brain tumor, etc. My poor baby suffered 18hrs until I could get her to my regular Vet Monday morning where we both agreed she needed to be sedated and put to sleep. I have beat myself up over not raising hell more at the ER. I think had I seen your video first, I would've made the decision to put her down when she got to the point that she was refusing her meds and food which was about a week prior to her seizure. :(. I hope other pet owners who may read my comments take note of your video, experience, and my experience and make the life decision crucial to quality of life for our pet babies.

  6. Hi, I am so sorry for your loss.  if you don't mind I have a few questions.  Was Barney diagnosed with a tumor?  My almost 11 yr old Jack Russell has all the same symptoms as Barney with the exception of the smiling.  His health has declined rather quickly over the past year.  His neurologist wants to put him on another anti seizure medication on top of the KBR he already takes.  He has suffered seizures for years and has had two grand mal within the past yr and a half.  Neuro will not confirm brain tumor unless I get MRI.  Based on what I just watched my fears have been confirmed.  I want to do what is best for my dog not what is best for me.  thank you for sharing the video.  it has helped me immensely

  7. Thank you for the video. My 4 year old Australian mix has recently shown neurological issues. He sometimes can't walk down the stairs and when he can he lacks confidence.
    So sorry for your loss.

  8. I'm glad you put this out I just lost my boxer mix on July 3rd and it seemed sudden but after research and videos like this I know it had been a few months he held out and on so well that last day he was so cuddly , (he thought he was a lap dog ) but more so, thanks for the educational video .🐾R.I.P jayden 4-15-08/7-3-16🐾

  9. I'm so very sorry!!! I'm bawling as I read this because my vet thought my Yorkie who is 10 had something wrong with her knees due to stumbling up and down stairs but in 2 short weeks things are very bad and this video reminds me of Sadie. I'm so scared she has a brain tumor. How did they diagnose!

  10. This is a great video. I am putting down my 11 year old golden Saturday morning. She has a brain tumor and most of the symptoms your doggy had. She is quite depressed, has a hard time walking, drinks a lot, major muscle atrophy on her left side on her face, and so on. I get really sad because a few times in the day her tail wags a bit and I think maybe I'm making a mistake putting her down? shes on 50mg of prednesone which helped initially but isn't doing much now. Maya is my best friend and really an amazing dog – I don't know what I'm going to do without her….. Thank you for making this video! I'm sure it helps a lot of people!!! I'm one them.

  11. Thank you for the video. I also have a Bichon Mix – 13 years old. Took him to the vet yesterday thinking the wobbly legs and movement was arthritis. She diagnosed as most probably Neurological. My dog is starting to match your video exactly. Affecting his right side legs and I can really tell now he is blind in the right eye. No seizures thought yet. He still loves me and wags his tail.

  12. yea i am not sure our dog kinda looks like yours and he will zone out, runs into walls and has been pacing the floor a lot as of late. he drinks a lot of water now and sleeps a lot. but he still has moments where he is happy like wagging his tail when company is over.

  13. No greater love have I ever known. He loved me, for just being me. Me. Not what I did, Not what I do. He just loved me for being me. Not because I paid the bills, Not because I provided. He was happy…just to see me.