Brownie Batter Hummus!?



  1. My sis was an exchange student in Holland & her family spread chocolate on bread then sprinkled candy coated licorice pastels on top. Oh my. Or just 'butter' bread w/ licorice pastels on top…it's really good.

  2. Mind blown. Where's the two thumbs up button? Did not know hummus could get any better. Googled chocolate hummus and cookie dough hummus after watching ur vid twice… and found some recipes. U have to make a recipe vid…obvs u don't have to but you know…come on.

  3. So back in the day when I was in college ( at SUNY Binghamton, circa 1991, one of my daughters attends currently) a Wegmans was built! It was magnificent! My then boyfriend and now husband LOVED their cannoli!! So now my oldest 2 daughters attend said SUNY B and SUNY Geneseo, and both have Wegmans and both are vegetarian ( myself and another daughter are vegan, and yet another daughter is vegetarian, 4 daughters total). And now, here in NJ where we live they are opening a brand new freaking WEGMANS!!!! In 2 weeks! Cannot wait to buy this kind of magnificent stuff!!