BON Ami Cleanser



  1. Good morning to you, Mama Rosa! May you have a blessed day, my friend. I am someone who suffers from allergies as well as sensitive skin. I can't handle smelling bleach at all. It affects my body in a bunch of negative ways. I try to keep things as clean and as germ free as possible. I will definitely get me some cans of Bon Ami to start using for sure.

  2. Huh?! Bien día, I haven't seem that product being sold here in the NYC stores. I'll go to Manhattan to look for it,God willing. Question,totally in relevant to this video. U uploaded a video once about the Marshall laws, can u post the link if u can. I need to look at it one more time with a different set if eyes and ears, thinks are not looking good. Thank uu 🙂