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  1. Prostate Cancer 2015 and now Bladder Cancer in July 2017. Psa is near 0 after surgery. Bladder C was stage 1 tumor. Another biopsy scheduled for Dec.My diet has been very poor and I just stopped smoking after 35 years. Really enjoy your videos. Will definitely try some of your suggestions. It makes sense. Like how you call out the Am Cancer Society and Big Pharma. Thank you again

  2. Wow you are spreading your opinion on a very serious subject. Maybe you should say that in your video instead of acting like you have done years of research. Do not take this man's word. Do your own research. You are a Chiropractor representing yourself as an expert on oncology.

  3. doctor Bergman I thank you for your efforts to spread the truth ,,,,,,right now I am scared and confused because they told me to remove my whole bladder ….what should I do ……I welcome and appreciate any of your suggestion…..I wish you all the best

  4. Dr Bergman in 2014 I was diagnosed with T2 grade 3 Muscle invasive Bladder Cancer.The Veterans hospital told me that I had to have my Bladder and Prostate removed Being that I was 53 years old and work outside in construction all day I told them no.They told me that I would be dead by October 2015.So I had a 3.7 centimeter Tumor removed followed by 5 weeks Chemo maximum dose and 2 weeks Chemo Lethal dose along with 37 Radiation Treatments.What had changed my results was that I had 3 Chinese Doctors who do not follow western medicine practices.I am still alive but I have Major side effects that dont seem to get better.The doctors say it was because i had smoked in my life but that i was stationed in camp Lejuene Marine base which had contaminated drinking water they still have my case pending even though Trump approved 2.2 billion dollars to the victims I had one of the eight conditions.I think you are better off dead then to have advanced Bladder Cancer because your life will never be the same again.Sorry there is no happy ending to this cancer.

  5. My husband had an open last week .
    Doctors say he needs chemo I'm so worried about him .
    Thankyou dr very interesting …..
    Do you have anything on heritable hernias I'm suffering like made and no one wants to operate but I'm in pin I look 6months
    Pregnant …
    Going back to my husband .
    My husband has worked 40 years with metals … they are saying it's his job that causes this …

  6. Hello Dr. Bergmann, would you advise to operate (radical cystectomy) immediately a 81 year old patient with bladder cancer stage,T2b, who has overweigjt, diabetes, a very sedentary life, takes pills for everything but no heart problems, some kidney problems, not able to do chemeotherapy or would you monitor it closely and see how it develops? Thank you!

  7. This video was absolutely outstanding. I have a friend just diagnosed with a bladder tumor. She is 81. I'm going to take my tablet to her house and show her this video. Thank you so much for showing us if we eat and drink right, we can live a long life.

  8. Very interesting video, going to be tested for bladder cancer shortly. With hypothyroidism I have stayed away from cruciferous vegetables…do you think it be ok to start eating them again? I'm more afraid of bladder cancer than I am of thyroid problems.

  9. This is an excellent video on bladder cancer and as a medical scientist I endorse it wholeheartedly! It makes victims of genetic cancers and patients with the disease realize they are NOT victims of their genetics and they can CURE their cancer or make it much better by following a healthy lifestyle along with of course medical advice and intervention!

  10. This is a must see for every man. Yesterday I turned 70 and have had treatment in 2015 and 2016 for 2 bladder tumors.  Wish I had seen this 5 years ago as I was in the plastics industry but was a non-smoker. Juggling with starting BCG overseas. Side effects (AE)and their treatment are my biggest concern because I don't think they are prepared here or trained for that.

  11. hello dr bergman my son 16 year old male has a scrotal mass and of course its thought to be a tumour cancerous and was removed asap and chest xray clear now they want to do CT scans where the substance they use for the imaging can cause cancer and I know and believe you when you talk about neurotoxins and medications and vaccines can you offer any reasons why I can get the doctors agree with me

  12. I have nerve damage from failed back surgery. I keep getting bladder infections but drink plenty of water and od corse two cups of coffe a day. Would the nerve damge cause my freguent bladder infections? Please let me know.

  13. My boss and good friend is 81 and has bin dealing with this sins 2006. He owns a bus company, so he has bin around all this chemicals his whole life + he has bin on four types of heart meds for 30 years or so. I have bin bus driver for 12 years and i now have fibromyalgia. This makes lot of sens cuz now I can't stand the smell of exhaust, paint and oils. I'm certain I got my firbro from a vaccine when I was 19 cuz that's when I started to get symptoms and period pain 🙁

  14. Hi. my mother is a stroke patient who has constipation and from 1.5 month she has uncontrolled loose stool with vomiting after taking meal. she feel pain during stooling though its loose. what is the treatment of it

  15. Dr. Berg, You are my health hero and have changed my life! one quick question I must know if you could please. I read the book "The choice is clear" and I began drinking only distilled water with pink Himalayan sea salt to add back the minerals and I feel great what do you think with the salt added?

  16. Hello Dr.Bergman,
    You would be kind enough to answer me a simple question please?
    As a doctor that knows the empirical side of medicine and cures.
    If I am taking Sodium Bicorbonate (baking soda) and Iodine (lugols solution), should i take them separatetly or is it ok to mix them? What I usually do is mix them in a glass of water until the color is transparent and then drink it.
    I know that the change in color is simply physical, but no matter how much i search I cannot find if its actually ok to mix them or if they lose their effectiveness that way.
    So basically the question is:
    Should I take them separately with a time period between them or is it ok to mix them up as I assumed if it doesn't diminish their effects?

  17. Your videos are amazing, really appreciated this one.  Miss your treatments, hope to get to California soon.  What do you know about stem cell amniotic injections, my sister wants to get an injection for her arthritis in her pinky finger (cost $3,500 for one shot).  I am sorry to say she doesn't believe in your knowledge and wisdom or in my 100% gratitude of my excellent health because of your videos, treatments, prayer, and change of eating habits.  Being healthy is hard but well worth it, my brother, today, is in the hospital for a possible stroke, has horrible eating habits, eats fast food everyday.  Seems as if the age of 60s are sicker than ever before.  Your information on these videos are truly a gift, thank you.  Take care and I still think you are wrong about Hillary winning.

  18. I love all your videos about cancer. I wonder if you can talk about cancer "sarcoma". It is not widely known. My friend suddenly developed large lump on her foot, size of tennis ball and she had to go through surgery, (removal of the lump), then plastic surgery (to cover the missing tissue after surgery), then 9 weeks of radiation and who knows what else will happen. I have to mention also, that prior of sarcoma, she went through bladder cancer as well.

  19. I recently passed a (relatively large) kidney stone. I knew what it was immediately and started drinking herbal devotions boneset, horsetail, goldenseal, drinking vinegar water ACV and eating less, chewing more. Quit coffee, black tea, sweets, oh, and it hurt right. And the last part took A LOT OF FOCUS. I knew also that after the stone was close to out and blocking the flow that if it didn't come out, I might need to go to the ER or whatever to eliminate the risk of kidney damage. But I did it. What I would like to understand better is why ACV and lemon juice helped– why does silica and magnesium help the stone move and wear itself smooth? You are the best!! I know you can explain it.

  20. Wow…out of this world!. I'm a 42 years old guy that struggled with bladder cancer since I was 32. Not a smoker but sedentary. About the distilled water, would there be a way to make it structured by simply adding Himalayan salt or trace mineral drops in it? I ask because I want to invest in a distiller and plan to drink this (and use it for my CPAP) as my main drinking water source.

  21. Hi Dr,

    i am willing to travel to see you … i live in nyc.

    would you be able to work with me ??
    I would prefer to see you on the weekend as i work during the week and it is hard to take off work.

    please let me know,