Bedding to use in a feral cat shelter



  1. You mentioned that straw can get caught in fur as well as embed itself in the animals' skin. What would you recommend to use instead of straw? I can't seem to find any tutorials online that mention other options and I don't want the straw to harm them. Great video and I wish more people made these shelters for animals 🙂

  2. My mom and I have rescued & finding homes for most (with the help of kind friends and a fabulous vet!) over 100 cats, found owners of 8 dogs, found fur-ever homes for 4 dogs, took care of several spayed / neutered (all our stray pets, feral or not, were fixed, before they went to their fur-ever home) received testing and vaccinated
    cat colonies, took a baby deer who had a broken leg to a wildlife expert along with several usually baby opossums and raccoons, one swan (they're beautiful but are really freaked by people but this one seemed to realize we were helping it) and even a fox pup. We used many plastic tubs and anything we could find to help the colonies which were too feral to be adopted out. We came up with some of the most unique and unusual but successful homes in which the cat's could be warm, safe and out of the elements.
    My mother was in a rehab facility after a fall and a massive infection. I'd go to visit her every evening while I was staying at her house, cleaning it out for when she came home. Then my husband brought over a little kitten who he found trapped in a wood pile. I had been upset at the thought that I wouldn't be able to visit her that day, but she was important too so she was fed she got her fleas taken care of with a Dawn liquid bath in which she played like a human baby. I decided to cheer Mom up a bit by taking her to see Mom on the way to the vet to get a new fur-ever home .
    The kitten let no less than 30 people from staff to clients at the rehabilitation center, hold, cuddle and enjoyed her. It was then that I was told in the elevator (two whole floors on the elevator) by a doctor, that they would be sending her home for hospice care. My mom was going to die. All too much to take in. But then there was "Amazing Little Gracie". It was a really inconvenient time for me to take a kitten in, or so I thought. Blessings sometimes come in the most unexpected ways and that little kitten was one big blessing!
    One of my most treasured videos I have, was because of the little kitten who came to me at an inconvenient time, whom I'd have to take to the vet after I stopped in to see my mom, whom I found that very day was coming home to die.
    It became worth more than I could imagine. Mom passed away last year, but her love for animals was extraordinary!
    To see the miracle of that kitten, go here, Amazing Gracie – "How did a baby change your life…" A rescue can be a special gift, and with in such a short time
    that little baby made a huge difference to me, 30 other people but especially my mom.

  3. What's the issue with wool? The navy for a very long time used real wool for watch sweaters because wool has the property of still being warm when its wet (unlike synthetic materials). What's the issue in a cat shelter? My parents' indoor cats seem to love a wool shawl in their bed and our cat never seems to object to curling up on our wool afghan.

    Also, do cats in shelters usually pee/litter elsewhere? I'm assuming if they pee or mark in the shelter, it'll get pretty smelly. In that event, whatever you have in there will need cleaned or replaced I'd think and the container cleaned.

    The shelter designs using two bins (one nested inside the other) cost a few more $ and take a longer time to build, but this allows the insulation layer to exist between the bin walls and thus be safe from scratching by kitty.

    I notice nobody is putting a door flap on the entrance. Most litter closed litter boxes feature that sort of entrance. Would that not make sense? (Might have to make it of a clear material so the cat can see in or out. Take your cut out (make a square top to the cut-out) and put duct tape as a hinge. This might also help a bit to serve as a wind break.

    I do like the idea of a lip over the entry hole to prevent water entry.