Asian Dog Meat Trade: An Interview with Marc Ching of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation



  1. Thank you I'm crying of so bad they treat these dogs but we can't do anything he can maybe just I wish they would stop they don't know what these dogs feel when they are burned and hung I wish someone would do the same to the people that are so harsh

  2. I pray every day that this would stop. I just hate it so much. Just why? I hope just like him that this gets banned. I bauled my eyes out soo much. Like what did these dogs ever do to get tortured like this? I can't even watch it. I'm thankful to have people like him who love and care for dogs 💗

  3. Bruh i got goose bumps looking at that child beating a puppy………..
    I swear if anyone did that to my dog chika i would fuck them up so bad they would forget what a dog is.

  4. Why are people so retarded! They disgust the hell out of me. Especially dog meat markets! That's what makes me the most mad. I will never be your friend if you eat dog or cat. I'd just call you sicko

  5. Thank You Marc! Please don't give up because we need you! The dog's need your rescuing and your voice to end this horrific festival of cruelty to man's best friend! Thank You Thank You Thank You! You Will Win this battle!

  6. This video made me so freking mad I swear when I grow up all the people who hurt them who hurt me they WILL pay for what they do to you to my hart to DOGS SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO HELP THES POOR DOG so thank you for rescuing them for me because you give me hope that this will stop one day

  7. i cant believe any human being would treat any animal this way . nevermind a dog- mans best friend. Dogs love us unconditionally, they look to humans for guidance, security, love. the dogs walk into those cages because they trust, how could you betray that trust ? how can you justify rewarding the dogs unconditional love and trust with torture and agony . I pray I cross paths with people like this… theyd never hurt another animal again .

  8. I can relate to our emotional feeling and the dogs emotional feelings. I have four rescue dogs now found on the streets. But I have always found a dog hurt, negected or SPCA or the dog found me to raise as my children. You are a good man.

  9. whay if the dogs. can do how the people abuse them.whats the feeling. dogs are mans bestfriend so we supposed to love them care them back like they did to us and protect us. im a dog lover too so i can feel the pain that dog's feels. so stop being abuse them !!!!