ARK: Survival Evolved – Advanced Building; Tips and Tricks



  1. Another thing I learned is that the game works kinda like minecraft when it detects a "house" to shelter yourself from the elements. If you're pinched for a shelter from the elements a thatch foundation, wall and a ceiling overlooking the foundation is literally all you need to get the house buff. It's enough to buy you time to get a few fires going and survive until the weather passes over.

  2. Great tips. Didn't know about the bridge thing, super useful. Ark building can be very frustrating, I can't wait until ark is fully released. Imagine how polished and unfrustrating the building will be…… I hope……

  3. I'm struggling with getting my foundations In the water to snap so that my ceilings will register that they are underneath. Can you tell me how to do that if the ground underwater is not level

  4. You may or may not already know this but, the arrow keys by default allow you to pan the camera. This works in first person, third person or "K" camera, so there is no need to switch between the camera modes to place you behemoth gates. Keep up the good work