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  1. im about to dye my hair a peachy rose ombre but my hair is really dark so im definitely gonna be taking in some damage! i was wondering if anyone knows if clarifying shampoo is okay for colored hair? im using the applcider fekkai one and i really love how clean my hair feels after but yeah im worried about fading my color though!

  2. Thank you for mentioning the part about getting your roots touched up more often!! Clients dont understand that if they leave it too long, it will be much more expensive and harder to achieve a solid blonde without banding!


    she said that mix your color with a white conditioner so does that mean;

    1 we should mix our hair colour like if you got your hair died blue .should you add blue colour to your conditioner
    2 or should we add the toner ??(the purple stuff)

    plsplspls reply as soon as you read!!!

  4. I'm a bit older and I have longer hair which tends to get dry. Argan Life Argan Oil have improved my hair in other ways including the dryness. Worth the price. Will only use their products! And it was a perfect delivery!

  5. I had an ombre of bright red hair ends done at the salon in October but it has already faded to a pink and it has been 2 months. How can I prevent this from happening? I wash my hair about 3 times a week.

  6. Everytime i tell people about the not washing your hair as often thing i often say to start it in the winter time so if the feel it getting oily but its not time to wash it they can cover it with a hat.