3 tips to boost your confidence – TED-Ed



  1. Although the content is great…. that Asian character really struck me….
    Is it not enough to change the skin and hair color like all the other characters, so TED deletes the eyes out to reinforce that stereotype?

  2. Confidence is not something you have or have not, its the way you behave in new situations. New patterns of behavior must be learned. Insanity is doing the same thing over & over and then expecting a different result. If you are looking for love the confidence to keep eye contact is the key & then just say Hi & Hey. No silly pick up lines line I wish, I had a 9-foot penguin at times like this. Why? To break the ice. I suppose after the ice is broken you either sink or swim.

  3. You spend your time too much on the internet. You should watch less stuff on the internet and allow yourself to be not dependant on information on the internet and immerge yourself in the unknown of the world. This gives you natural confidence. People who never went to school can speak better in public because they have no fear of what others might think of them. (I.E. Dr. Sebi) The constant thinking is what blocks you from expressing what you really feel. You people of the internet tend to over-analyse everything and in the end you get tired doing that, so you conclude to end your life to make the suffering of overthinking and bombardment of useless information stop. All you had to do was to unplug the internet for a while and get out of your room and start living.
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  4. Very cheap way to explain wt is confidence 2ndly past behavioural & learning developmental history.cultural & educational background of a person etc. ARE responsible/ contribute to individuals confidence.