❤️LIVE: Overwhelmed with Clutter? Try a Project! with Flylady Kat



  1. Mrs. Kat,
    Help! My master bedroom is driving me crazy! I have a hard time getting rid of greeting cards, souvenirs, kids school art, craft stuff, I have filled my bedroom with unfinished furniture that I keep wanting to fix, repair, and paint and I haven't been able to finish them. I bought material to make my curtains and with all the mess I don't have the desire to work on curtains ! What should I do? Where should I start?

  2. Oh, this was absolutely this video I needed to see and hear!! I didn't know how was I was going to deal with 1 area in the basement that has been a catch all. I thought I had to keep up with the zones, then this can be my primary zone tackle until I get it all done. This made a lot of sense. Thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Kat this was perfect!! I'm down to the Back room,& Garage being the absolutely worse in the home!!! I also still need the top of bedroom closet and office done…
    I've learned if I get the small stuff done and out of the way..
    Hubby will come in and move the heavy stuff NOW!!
    It's been a long almost 10 months this month of being with you!!
    I couldn't help but beam when my mom bragged on my house last weekend!! Believe me my mother does not brag on me Normally 🙈🙈
    Thank you Thank you this is a perfect way to get this job done with my health!
    Love ❤️ ya Take Care 😘🤗🙏🏻Shey

  4. when hurricane ivan came through pittsburgh my home was flooded thirteen years ago. after we tore everything out, put up new walls and were trying to figure how to lay a floor down, my sister's breast cancer reasserted itself and metastasized and her husband was dealing with heart problems and dialysis and their kids were all working so i hurried and slapped some sealant on the old floorboards, pushed everything around the edges and moved her in for half a year to take care of her until her death. shortly after there were other problems (multiple chemical sensitivity is horrid and other health mental and emotional issues). then five years ago i became granny daycare and could only put a barrier up to make it baby safe (all this time i had no kitchen sink, only a laundry tub and dishwasher, i have no cabinets, only metal shelves for kitchen stuff with bungee cords to baby-proof). recently i got my restaurant sink installed (since we're stuck with climate insanity i can hose it and the shelves off instead of tearing them out like i had to with my ruined new kitchen) and then was 'blessed' with another grandbaby to watch. i have no baseboards, but i have window and door trim laying along the walls with chairs as barriers, i want to get them put up but my husband won't even hang one or two of them per week (i would help). i'm overwhelmed and depressed. i'm going to try this as much as i'm able. thank you for this!

  5. Hi, This is what I have been waiting for, I need to do my craft/office room and dining room. I think I'll start with the dining room since Thanksgiving is around the corner.  I started your program Sep 1st and love it.  I can't tell you how many organization videos I have watched.  But now I have found my home.  Thank you soooooo much FlyLady Kat.

  6. Thank you Kat. So needed this guidance. I have a spare room / storage/visitors bedroom/grandsons room ahh! So overwhelming! I shall do it a tub at a time. That's manageable. Appreciate your support and parameters to keep this realistic and not the monsters it presently feels like.

  7. Missed this live since I am a school teacher but boy am I glad I caught the replay. I have been waiting for this one! The basement is officially my special project. Thanks, Kat.

  8. Why don't we think of these kind of ways to deal with tasks that overwhelm us? I'm planning a project to clear a room now after your advise, and I will keep doing my zones too because they don't take long anyway, I'm so excited to start now, thank you so so much, xx

  9. Hi Flyday Kat, honestly, i have been catching up with all your videos. I'm still learning. Can't thank you enough on this particular video. The one room that is really getting to me is my basement, the other space is the office closet. But now after watching this video I cannot wait to start. Thank you again for what you do, you're the best thing on youtube 🙂

  10. Too funny…I missed the live stream because I was working on a special project! I have a guy coming to work on my furnace later today and didn't want to be super embarrassed about my garage (or at least my side of the garage) so I made a clear path and stacked the boxes better. I did have one for donation started so went through at least one other box. It's in the truck and ready to go to the thrift store. YAY! Now, I want to work on it and get it done after this video. Thanks for the motivation!

  11. You really spoke to me today, Kat. My pantry had been driving me crazy for years!! I don't even know the last time I got in there and cleaned and organized. So, yes, it was nagging at me and keeping me from comfortably doing my zones. So yesterday I got in there and cleaned and organized. It looks so great!! And my family has agreed to help keep it this way😉 Now I can conquer zones!! Yay!!